Doing the Wild Thing

Have you ever tried something that was totally outside your comfort zone and didn’t know why you were doing it, but couldn’t seem to stop?

For some, this type of situation might be an everyday occurrence. If that person is you, then I tip my hat to your lusty stamina for those massive highs and lows in that wild unknown.

For the rest of us, jumping aboard that runaway prospect into the undefined can sometimes come with the same pounding thrills as having a shot at a death defying leap in the Big Top . . . without a net!

Of course the choice to try or let a possible opportunity slip away is always mine. So why has this experience captured my interest, turned me into a workaholic, satisfied a deep need inside me, and left me hanging in mid air at times, grasping for that illusive bar of security?

I can’t answer that, yet. But whether it’s fated to be or turns out in the long run to be just an academic exercise, I can honestly say I’m glad I didn’t miss the opportunity to become an entrepreneur.



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