It’s rare, if ever, that I’ve gone on record to fully endorse a product as having what I call the Three Marks of Excellence: exceptional materials, outstanding craftsmanship, and truly stunning designs. I’m happy to say I’ve found such a product. 

Owned and operated in British Columbia, Canada since 1971, the TENSE Wooden Timepiece Collection offers unique one-of-a-kind watches that are individually handcrafted from sustainable, natural wood components. In terms of color, tone, or pattern, no two watches are exactly alike. 

Feather light and sizeable to fit all, Tense offers wooden bracelets and premium quality leather straps that are hypo-allergenic. And although each series in the Tense collection comes with its own
distinctive features, all absorb the moisture and oil from skin to polish the wood, making the watch glossier and better looking the more you wear it.

The variety of styles and wood color combinations, metal free bangles, or
leather band classics guarantees you’ll find that perfect new favorite watch you’ve been looking for.

Experience my three marks of excellence for yourself and visit
www.TimelessTemptationsbyTopCat.com and indulge in the beauty of a TENSE wooden watch. 




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