The Entrepreneur Highway Part 1

I’m not a salesperson and never had any desire to be one.

I can’t recall any of my ancestors ever owning a mom & pop store or even selling cleaning products from the trunk of their car. So when an off chance suggestion to become an online seller started bouncing around inside my head, I had to wonder why the possibility of selling used items online had me so distracted for days.

To appease that nagging suggestion, I spent several weeks buried in research, getting to know the basic ins and outs of the selling platform I wanted to use. I figured I might as well go with the big guy, the one that’s become a household word and been immortalized in movies and bestsellers. During those first hesitant steps I never imagined how important that choice of venue was eventually to become.

Born with the attitude of all or nothing, I didn’t just test the waters with my toe but jumped right into the deep end of the online selling pond to find myself immersed in evaluating and preparing collectibles, creating listings, establishing terms and administrative protocols. Never once did I think of my online selling as just a hobby. I had no idea where it would lead. Only knew I didn’t want to stop.

And then my first sale happened. Suddenly it wasn’t the money made or all the hard work that led up to that sale, it was the happy email from the buyer saying thanks, just as described, a good transaction. My chest swelled with pride and I did a little victory dance around my office chair. I was happy because the buyer was happy.

There’s been a lot more sales since that first one. And each one has made me feel the same way. Fulfillment with the work and a satisfied smile when I know the buyer is happy too. Selling had become a primary part of my life bringing interesting friends, a chance to clean house and let someone else enjoy all my unused treasures, and often so much work there usually wasn’t enough hours in the day. And I had absolutely no clue that in just over a year, my online selling would take on a whole new meaning.

Nope, I’m definitely not a salesperson. I’m a photographer, writer, graphic designer, HTML programmer, wholesale buyer, researcher, bookkeeper, website maker, promoter, keyword fanatic, shipping supervisor, statistics analyzer, creative financial genius, and now a blogger.

In other words, I’m an online entrepreneur.                



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