On A Lighter Note: Young At Heart

For the intellectual there are books and debates to stimulate and entertain. While the workaholic lives for boardroom dominance and late hour deadlines. But for the young at heart there is only the open road and the sound and feel of a motorcycle in motion.

Certainly there are other pursuits that offer an equal mixture of relaxation and fun. But only those of similar heart would understand when I say there is nothing quite like sitting astride a powerful two-wheeled machine, the wind a constant companion, the twist of the throttle sending a primal sounding vibration down deep like some soothing meditative mantra.

Ah, to know the uplifting joy of a long gliding lean into a wide curve. Or the spirited thrill of a side-to-side switchback dance along some empty rural road. Yes, for these indulgent pleasures we silently give thanks for a freedom no enclosed vehicle could ever hope to provide.

The curious watch us ride by with our polished chrome and custom paint gleaming. They see a romantic breed in fitted black leather and tailored full-face helmets. From behind my tinted black shield I watch their yearning eyes, can almost hear them wondering if a big bike of their own could free a soul yoked with too much hard time.

Swallowed whole inside their cheerless vehicles, I wave to those who smile and nod and wish they could know the comfort of my two-wheeled Cadillac with its cruise-control, adjustable suspension, and built-in intercom/stereo. We may crave the bareback freedom of an endless highway but comfort and beauty will always be a priority. After all, my kind is only human.

Magic happens when riders and machines come together. The world takes on a new perception and moments in time seem to hang forever.

Like an early summer morning, with the sun just breaking free of the distant horizon. And all your cares and worries have been left at home to fend for themselves for a few hours. When over the intercom you hear the rally cry,” We’ll stick to the back roads and stop for breakfast after an easy two-hour ride.”

The day may come when strength and endurance no longer abound. When our gleaming two-wheeled beast brings about more strain than pleasure. Not to worry though, we’ve planned ahead. A trike kit, if you can believe, will see us into another new riding era.

Young at heart, motorcycles, freedom. We’ll look for you on the open road.



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