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Designed and manufactured in Canada, the TENSE Wooden Timepiece Collection offers unique one-of-a-kind watches that are individually handcrafted from sustainable natural wood components. In terms of color, tone, or pattern, no two watches are exactly alike. 


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Wooden Watches: Men’s Round Wooden Case Leather Strap Wristwatch


Designed and manufactured in Canada, the TENSE Wooden Timepiece Collection offers unique one-of-a-kind watches that are individually handcrafted from sustainable, natural wood components. In terms of color, tone, or pattern, no two watches are exactly alike.   

Featured is the Men’s Round Wooden Case Leather Strap Wristwatch


Satin smooth rose brown Sandalwood. 

Round case with light grain dial face, black numeric numerals, hour, minute, and secondhand.

Genuine brown leather strap with double loops and premium stainless steel buckle; six holes for adjustable fit.

Water resistant for everyday casual wearing, the movement is made of high quality stainless steel and produced by Miyota (Citizen) of Japan.

All TENSE watches come with a two year limited warranty, operations manual, a mercury free battery that lasts up to four years, and elegant original packaging.



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The Entrepreneur Highway Part 7

Small Budget Business: Can you really have too much of a good thing?

You’re an honest to goodness online business now and you’ve got the license hanging on your wall to prove it. Wholesalers have been winnowed down to just the right merchandise you want to showcase in your brand new e-store.

Long hours have been invested in creating a selling identity, procedures, terms, and web pages that let potential buyers know who you are, what you’re offering, and how you plan to make their shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

Whether you sell directly through your own website or on one of the large e-market sites like eBay or Amazon, having a small inventory budget means making the most of the products you do decide to sell. The more polished your listings, terms, and service, the bigger and more professional your business often appears. And unlike a brick and mortar business there’s no need to invest thousands to fill up your online store to begin with.

When you’ve finally decided on a specific product or line of merchandise, proceed slowly with samples, less expensive styles, a small selection of colors or sizes. Starting with minimum wholesale orders lets you see how buyers will respond to the merchandise and your style of listing. Smaller quantities also gives you easier control for testing and tracking which items sell quickly, how long listings remain active before making a sale, if at all, or which items become popular and have buyers asking for more.

But remember, it’s not just the products you have to work into your inventory budget. It’s also the shipping materials like boxes, bubble mailers, protective wrap, and packing tape. Most local office supply businesses will have what you need to begin. However, when the time comes to increase your stock you’ll need to find a reliable supply company that offers a lower cost per unit on larger orders. If you can’t pick up your supplies nearby when you need them, don’t forget to consider shipping costs and delivery time when selecting an out of town supplier.

Now that you’re ready to start showcasing all those great products, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when listing your merchandise.

Flooding your web pages or listings with every size, color, and style of each model you have available is a waste of time and money. If you have identical items, provide photos of one, along with a clear description, the number of multiples available, and the price per unit. If you have matching items but in different colors, simply list one of each color as a visual, along with the multiples available and the price per unit.

Another simplified point to think about is pricing. Consider all the online sellers with the same or similar stock as your own. If each seller dropped their price lower than everybody else to attract more buyers, soon you would have rock bottom prices with buyers grabbing up bargains and sellers not making any money for new stock and the whole market dries up and nobody wins.

Be competitive with your pricing. You can only price so low before you stop making money and selling is no longer worth your time and effort. Not to mention quickly sending you into bankruptcy. By virtue of having a non brick and mortar store you basically need to cover the cost of goods, shipping materials, your time or employee’s time, plus a margin of profit.

There are other ways to attract buyers to your store that doesn’t cost a penny or mean a compromise on prices. Trust is earned slowly by proving with each sale that you are a professional with quality web pages or listings that buyers can turned to for all the information they need or get answers to questions in a timely manner; you have quality merchandise that you stand behind with either warranties or buyer recourse should something go wrong; and you offer quality service that lets the buyer know exactly what’s happening with their purchase and that it arrives in pristine condition.

So what do you do when the time comes to reorder stock? You might be thinking how hard can it be? Whatever sold will be reordered. The answer is yes and no. The strategy changes when analyzing numbers for different holidays or summer vacation time or those barren early few months of any new year. Do you stay with the tried and true? Or will you carefully follow all the trends and fads and spend a substantial amount of time checking into blogs and social media sites to pick up insight to all the latest and greatest?

To make the most of your budget dollars you need to study the facts of your inventory and listen to your instincts. Experimentation is always needed to expand and help keep buyers anticipating and coming back. Just go slowly with small quantities until the product either proves itself a seller or a dismal disappointment.

The way to get those facts about your business is by analyzing sales numbers, cost breakdown, site visits, titles and keyword usage, to name just a few. You need up-to-date facts and figures available to accurately put together a merchandise reorder.

The best way to record all this information is by using a spreadsheet. Yes, it’s time consuming at first, some would even say boring. But creating some simple spreadsheets for an Inventory Wish List, Stock Pricing, Cost Breakdown, even a Stock Reorder Sheet will save you hours of poring over months of sales receipts and scraps of paper to figure out what’s been selling, if there’s a bit of profit to try something new, or not worth re-investing in. Wouldn’t you like to know how individual items sold per month? What product sold the most, what day of the week your site gets the most visits, or the optimum time for offering sales or introducing new products?

As you streamline your merchandise or expand to carry more variety, you’ll discover what information is important to you and your inventory budget. Print out what you need so you don’t always have to be at the computer to find the answer. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll be referring to these simple, easy to read reports, or adjusting the data and columns to show exactly what’s necessary to at least make an informed decision. Because now again it will happen and the stock you select will be the wrong choice. But the loss should be minimal and considered more of a learning experience than a failure. Sometimes there’s just no accounting for what becomes a top seller or a basement dud.

Get in the habit of using the spreadsheet filters to manipulate the data to see how your business is doing by product, by sales, by high or low volume. A few minutes gathering and inputting data every week into your spreadsheets will give you the heart of your business in the palm of your hand. Now that much profitable information will never be too much of a good thing.

I’m an online entrepreneur. How about you?



Wooden Watches: Women’s Inlaid Round Wooden Pendant Watch


Designed and manufactured in Canada, the TENSE Wooden Timepiece Collection offers unique one-of-a-kind watches that are individually handcrafted from sustainable, natural wood components, and in terms of color, tone, or pattern, no two watches are exactly alike.

Featured is the Women′s Inlaid Round Wooden Pendant Watch

Satin smooth inlaid Sandalwood in rose brown and honey gold.

Round open face case with light grain dial face. Has black numeric numerals, hour, minute, and secondhand.

Crown and bow in the 6 o′clock position with a detachable gold toned chain necklace.

Water resistant for everyday casual wearing, the movement is made of high quality stainless steel and produced by Miyota (Citizen) of Japan.

All TENSE watches come with a two year limited warranty, operations manual, a mercury free battery that lasts up to four years, and elegant original packaging.



On A Lighter Note: Friend of Mine Part 3

For the next eight years I lived in a whirlwind of studies at school and summer vacations with Sleepy. Three months out of the year I was free to shed my city clothes for the soft buckskins with water shedding fringe, and lived under the guiding hands of the person I loved most in the world.

Trapping, hunting, fishing, and campouts filled my waking hours during the summer. Studies, tests, and honor grades filled the remaining year. But those three months with Sleepy had me growing straight and strong and every bit a mountain man as he was.

In my eighth year at school my mother took ill and called me home to take control of the farm. At eighteen I had the look of my late father about me; tall and long limbed, wide shoulders, and well muscled. Being skilled with hands and mind, I accepted and shouldered the responsibilities of my inheritance.

Within a year the farm was flourishing again and profits had tripled. And with the help of my aging ramrods, Buster and Renko, not to mention a dandy fistfight which left me bloodied but triumphant, I became undisputed owner-manager of the largest thoroughbred horse farm in the state.

Shortly thereafter my mother died. We buried her on the left ridge in the small fenced plot next to my father. Although we never became close, I did come to understand her better, the passion we shared for the farm helping to mend several old transgressions. I had never known her to be a soft and gentle woman, but always a rock of strength with a ferocious determination to make it in a man’s world. I believe my mother achieved all she set out to accomplish in this world and was able to go to our maker in peace.

Over the next ten years Sleepy and I visited frequently, even managing to get away on a campout every once in a while. The farm kept me busy, but there was always time for the two of us to go fishing at the pond or take a ride up into the hills and just breathe in God’s country. He refused my offer of a home at the farm right from the beginning, claiming a real house, closed in by a town, made him feel shutoff and misplaced from the forest and animals and all the things he loved best.

Secretly, I envied him his freedom.

One hot afternoon a young lad from town came galloping into the main exercise yard, shouting that Sleepy had keeled over in the saloon with barely a chug of beer passing his lips. Demanding a nearby farmhand’s saddled horse, I raced to town to find Doc Potters putting away his stethoscope and closing up his worn black bag.

His long bulk stretched out flat across a good portion of hardwood floor, Sleepy bellowed like a stuck calf to be left alone. “Let me be ya mangy old coot,” he swore at Doc, gratefully accepting my hand and a steady pull to his feet.

I settled Sleepy at the bar with a fresh beer and hurried to stop Doc Potters before he pushed through the swinging doors.

He shook his head. “Heart’s giving out,” he whispered. My eyes pleaded for another answer. “It’s only a matter of time, son. I’m sorry,” he sighed and walked away.

I joined Sleepy at the bar and realized there was no way to make him take things easier. He was going to live his life to the fullest, right up to the end. Part of me wanted to protect him, to set him up in a spare room at the big house. With medication and care he could probably go on living for years. But in my heart I knew if I was to take him away from the mountain, away from God’s country, it would kill him quicker than if I left him to his own.

I had to let him go. But we’d do it together.

It took me a week to set my affairs in order and reschedule appointments. Buster and Renko were left in charge of the farm with the ability to draw money through my assistant from the farm safe, and at the bank if needed. Crofton, the bank manager and an old school chum, was made aware of the new arrangement and promised to keep an eye on the finances. Not knowing how long I’d be gone, every contingency was hopefully accounted for as I intended to spend what remaining time there was with Sleepy.

He jumped for joy when I told him my plans to take a vacation from the farm and just live with him up on the mountain. I never let on that our time was limited, nor ever tried to keep him from doing what he wanted. It was like summer vacation all over again. That sweet old man filled me with such happiness and love. Even God’s country was happy to see the two of us roaming the high country again.

One morning near the end of August, Sleepy said it was time to show me his last secret place on the mountain. We grabbed up a couple of tin pails and our backpacks and started out. After several hours I could see we were headed for the top of Blackberry Mountain. We made camp that night below the steep rise. Sleepy barely slept, suffering from severe pains in his chest due to the hard climb. I made a pot of coffee and we talked through the night. Something in his voice made me realize he knew his time was close at hand.

At first light I helped him up the steep rise to the plateau. There, arm in arm, we shared the splendor of the waking sun. For several minutes we rested, watching the golden rays stretch out across the multi-patterned valley far below. In time his breathing returned to normal and the pain subsided. We picked plump blackberries for the longest time, content in each other’s company. When I grew weary I settled on a grassy knoll and invited him to join me. He stretched out beside me, his shaggy head resting on my crossed legs.

“You’ve been like a son to me, Avery Dutton,” he softly sighed, a content smile creasing his face.

An emotional lump choked my throat at his gruff voice saying my name for the very first time. From the moment we met I had always been Tadpole. Tears filled my eyes as he turned his head to me.

“You are my son and I love you,” he smiled, eyes twinkling. From his shirt pocket he pulled out a folded envelope and handed it to me. “This is for all the happiness you’ve brought to my life. When I go, bury me here in this special place.”

As he had done so often for me when I was young, I pulled him between my legs and hugged him to my chest. Together we rocked in silence and watched the sun climb higher above the mountain peaks. It was too beautiful a day for sorrow. With a soft blue sky above us and the velvet green grass below, I felt him shudder and expel his last breath.

Sleepy Bright died peacefully in my arms in the one place he loved best. I buried a piece of my heart and soul with him that beautiful August afternoon. For two days I camped beside his grave, just remembering all the wonderful times we shared. It was a strange feeling, but as I packed up to go it was as if Sleepy was there beside me. Everywhere I looked, everything I touched, Sleepy was there. I realized I would never be alone on the mountain.

With one last look out at the world below, I pushed my hands into pockets to savor the moment and discovered the worn folded envelope that Sleepy had given me. As his closest friend and son by choice, he had willed me his cabin and Blackberry Mountain. The formal documents were waiting for my signature at the bank in town.

As a boy I had gone looking for my dime novel hero. Instead, I found Sleepy Bright, a man with strength and heart as big as the mountain he loved.

The End