Your First Tense Wooden Watch

You’ve finally bought yourself a great looking Tense Wooden Watch.

The wood color is vibrant. The grain pattern makes a stunning contrast. Wrapped around your wrist that watch says elegance and old money.

Moisture and oils from your skin help keep your wooden watch looking healthy. Some simple steps to care for your watch will maintain that functional beauty for years to come.

Tense Wooden Watches are adjustable to give you the best possible fit. Reducing or adding links can give you that perfect comfortable fit.

There are several types of wood used in Tense Wooden Watches. Some of the most popular are Sandalwood in different shades of rose brown or deep brown black, Inlaidwood which naturally blends light and dark coloring, and honey gold Maplewood.

Enjoy your new Tense Wooden Watch . . . and re-experience time.


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