The Entrepreneur Highway: Blog Your Business

Trying to think of new and inexpensive ways to get your business message out there to buyers?

Well you’re not alone. Every business can have great products and insightful listings. But unless you can reach your intended clientele you might as well be invisible.

One of the many challenges for any small budget business is learning to toot your own horn through creative promoting without putting yourself in a cash bind. That means finding free tools that offer powerful results with the potential to reach a large ongoing viewing audience.

Today’s internet is the source of instant access to information, messaging, selling, buying, data storage, and socializing, to name a few. And all this access is no longer restricted to big desktop computer systems.

Cell phones, iPods, laptops, PDAs, or two-way pagers are now capable of interacting on the Internet. That’s a lot of people browsing the Net, making it essential your business start taking advantage of technology savvy customers.

One of the most popular free tools for reaching out and generating interest is to create a regular blog about your business and the products or services you offer. Blogs also give viewers the ability to interact with your articles via comments and suggestions which creates a forum of value for both seller and buyer.

Blog or ‘web log’ is a website that allows users to inform or share opinions through text, graphics, and video, in an online journal format that readers can express views on. is a public blog publishing application and considered one of the best. They provide the necessary tools to get your blog up and running fast. Once signed up, take a few minutes to customize the blog with a theme design, your business logo, and plenty of sidebar widgets (i.e. archives, calendar, categories, blog subscription, etc.) to provide viewers with a simple way to access the various information you post.

Unsure how to begin blogging? The best place to start is with a tutorial. This link will help you learn the ins and outs of If you prefer another blog publishing application, seek out their learning tutorial to familiarize yourself with all the offered features and setup. The key is to spend less time setting up your blog and more time actually publishing articles so viewers can find and get to know you.

Now it’s time to launch those creative juices by putting yourself in the reader’s place.

Aim for informative articles of interest about your business or different categories that relate to your area of skill. Even if it’s just sharing experiences and opinions, be concise until you get the hang of putting together epic articles. A short post with accurate, helpful content is more likely to have viewers tuning back in to your next post than lengthy articles that wander pointlessly with numerous spelling and grammar mistakes.

Find a nice balance of text, graphics, or video to grab the reader’s eye. Be sure to include links that lead to your website, listings, or reference material. Links can be regularly included in your post or made permanent on your sidebar by selecting the link widget. And always double check that all links and button functions perform as they’re supposed to.

Finally, before publishing an article make sure to add a handful of relevant words and phrase tags. Also check the current WordPress category tags to see what’s popular with viewers that day. These keywords help describe the theme of your article and are used by search engines and browsing viewers to get your article found.

When you have that first published post behind you, the trick of getting viewers to become regular readers is to be a regular contributor. Set up a schedule to publish new blogs the same day each week, more often if time and skill permits. Include a sidebar blog subscription widget that lets viewers sign up to receive email notification of your latest post.

Prices for materials, postage, and products are definitely going up. And because of that tread most small online business budgets will remain fixed over the next year. That means rolling up your sleeves and making the most of fantastic free services that can get your message out to the Internet community.

I’m an online entrepreneur. How about you?



  1. February 16, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    Awesome post. Do you mind if I ask what your source is for this information?

    • TopCat2x2 said,

      February 17, 2011 at 6:21 am

      Thanks for stopping by. My Entrepreneur Highway series is a kind of journal of my experiences starting up and running an online business. The opinions and suggestions in this article, and the others, are simply things I’ve learned through trial and error. The facts I’ve used here have come from Wikipedia,, and firsthand experience.

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