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Man Is Not God and God Is Not Human

That was quite the article by Steve Coerper, referenced in brianatheistconnect’s March 7th blog, and no doubt meant to scare the sin out of every man, woman, and child within reach.

Unfortunately, the only thought it stirred within me was of man pretending to be God. If we use the premise that we are all God’s children, good and bad, that God is love and life, I find it hard to believe that God would arbitrarily kill one nation of people (his children) in favor of another, or exterminate all the bad people and take away any chance of them ever evolving beyond the sum of their limited human parts.

Rather, wouldn’t it make more sense for God to be impartial to all his children, providing us with bodies to experience what the world has to offer, and free will to chart our own course in life? And like children taught to look out for their siblings and to keep their rooms clean, humans could to learn how to care about each other and the earth we live on?

And if we expand on that premise, we could assume human’s were given the ability to reason and make choices, that we are intentionally handicapped against seeing the bigger picture of existence because actually living through experiences forces us to learn. Being human means basing our motivations, thoughts, and reactions on such easily influenced contributors like emotions, our environment and upbringing.

Man is supposed to be made in God’s image, but man is not God and God is not human. And yet so often God is portrayed as having the same frailties and limited emotional scope as humans. If we are all God’s children, all a part of God’s creation, then God deliberately made people with different skin color, different nationalities, and different preferences. To me that says every person, including all of our diversities, is a part of each other.

The proof is a world filled with people of different skin color, sex, personalities, languages, preferences; human beings that have the ability of reason and choice, and bodies all made of the same substance as the earth, the universe, so I guess that means God as well. So by what right do religions or individuals have for browbeating us into suppressing or being penalized for attributes fashioned by God?

I understand the need to create laws as guidelines to keep order and give recourse, as long as those laws are fair and the same for all. Each of us has a moral center inside us. And harmony with that center is never more obvious than in young children. They don’t care whether a playmate is male or female, has a different skin color, or is handicapped in some way. They just want to play together. But as they grow they are taught (verbally and through actions) about segregation, hate, and what is considered sin.

So what is good and bad? If each human could put themselves into the body of the person they hated, for whatever reason, and experience what that hate feels like on the receiving end then maybe common sense would have a chance to surface through all the negativity, making the answer very clear. Good is equality for all, freedom of choice, and acceptance. The only bad or sin that I can see is to deliberately hurt or repress yourself or another.

But being good or bad is a human choice with consequences and not something mandated by God. Just as literature and doctrine are misguided human attempts to offer proof that they have firsthand knowledge of God’s thoughts and intentions. But such dogma is filled with so many contradictions and death and such despotic horror, that I have to wonder why anyone would want to believe in such a God.

I’ve no doubt that every religion has its spark of truth somewhere in all the reams of pages and scrolls, buried beneath eons of time and overshadowed by human prerogatives. But the fact still remains that religious literature was written by man and still manages to be interpreted differently by scholars the world over. And depending on the time and place, man decides what is good or bad, asserting with threats who will be segregated and the punishments incurred. It’s been man’s hand killing in the name of some righteous religion, or far worse, because of fear and small mindedness to anyone who was different. And like a ‘good old boys club’ man created the laws that made it legal, within the structure of our societies, to decide who would have rights and who would have none. God, it would appear, was just a convenient scapegoat for all the atrocities committed by humans.

People often ask why God would allow such terrible things to happen. Maybe, when humanity has evolved beyond our limited attitudes and truly understands what it means to unconditionally accept all that God created, we’ll discover that God had nothing to do with the fate of humans on earth. That living life and the paths we choose to achieve goodness and enlightenment always was, and always will be, up to us.

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Why Does Anyone Have to Be Out?

Once again I find myself baffled at the ongoing disruptive concerns over religion and sexuality and the many ways humans can use one or both to place themselves above another or repress the rights of individuals.

A blog by Dr. J, “Diversity and Equality” Means Christians Are Out, also brought to my attention a viewpoint by Sean Gabb in which both articles implied that Christians were now being persecuted for their views or beliefs. My reaction was a deep sigh of disappointment toward a collective era that considers itself intelligent, compassionate, and open to diversity when the truth is we really haven’t learned anything from the bloody tragedies and destructive deities of human history.

Religion has been around since the beginning of human existence. And as humans evolved so did religious dogma. In other words, a religion changed or was fashioned to meet the times, or the greed of those in power, or as a way to control the masses. All religions are man-made, with agendas that favor its human authors, and have nothing to do with one’s personal spirituality and beliefs in the balance between a higher existence, nature, and living beings. Or the stability between equality, freedom, and acceptance.

Every religion has its own spin on righteousness, policy and restrictions, and plenty of bloodshed against those who are different or accused of breaking the rules. What’s even more tragic is that all these religions have never been based on equality and freedom for ALL humans living on this planet regardless of their mindset.

The BBC article referenced in Dr. J’s blog is about how a court ruled that a Christian couple were denied the ability to provide foster care to children because their beliefs opposed homosexuality. Right away the alarm seems to have gone out that the courts are now setting up to actively discriminate against all Christians. And once again sides are ready to go to war, some with words, some with weapons, not to preserve the rights and equality of ALL humans but over segregated ideals that, as history has shown, are touted as being more factual or morally superior than another group.

Everyone is entitled to choose their own lifestyle and moral guidelines. We are also responsible for our actions to ourselves and others. True sin is deliberately hurting or repressing ourselves or another. Sin means not showing respect for ALL of Gods diversity in people, ideals, nature, and animals. No one person is more important or special than another. Each of us has our own gifts and uniqueness to help enrich our lives and those around us.

The world isn’t meant to be a utopia, for only through adversity do we truly learn. But human is human no matter what sex, color, age, country, beliefs, work, or mental and physical gifts. No one should feel like they are out.

How much more adversity do we need to experience before all humans learn to accept this?

The Entrepreneur Highway: Know Your Products

Whether selling goods from a website or listing individual items for auction/ buy-it-now through a public e-market forum, it’s easy to make your business stand out with insightful, accurate knowledge about your products.

These days consumers have instant mobile access to the Internet. So when buyers have questions they are looking for a timely response and enough facts to make informed decisions about purchasing. A customer who gets a quick, friendly, adept reply is more inclined to make a purchase from you; also more likely to become a repeat buyer and tell others of your great service.

Offering a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page or providing plenty of relevant information directly on your listings is a great start. Basic information about your products, your terms as a seller, shipping options, or returns and refund instructions are as necessary as providing quality photos for viewers to consider.

Sometimes ‘just browsing’ becomes a sale due to something as simple as the buyer knowing the product is easy to operate or what country offers repair services with an email address/website link available for hassle-free accessibility.

Would you or your employees be able to give customers a speedy answer to most of the following questions?

  • Where do your products come from; made in country, imported?
  • Are they time sensitive, such as food products, tickets, coupons?
  • How are they made; manufactured, handcrafted, custom?
  • What materials are used to make your products?
  • Are the products made to accept accessories or upgrades?
  • Do you carry any of these accessories or can you provide links to quality suppliers that will give buyers a starting point to locating accessory items?
  • How do your products function? Can any adjustments be made by the buyer?
  • Are your products vulnerable in any way to an environment, handling, or hazards?
  • Are you familiar with all the routine functions of your products?
  • What are the specific care instructions for your products?
  • If repairs are required do you have the manufacturer’s warranty/repair conditions, email address, and perhaps a contact name?


Many of these questions may already be included in your FAQ or with the product listing. If not, more details can be provided to your customer by email when asked.

Sometimes a quick phone call can save time and frustration for a buyer who just needs a little help with a first time setup or upgrade problem. Walking a buyer through those unfamiliar first steps costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time. You can bet that customer won’t forget your assistance and is more likely to seek out your business for that next similar purchase; not to mention telling friends and family of a great place to shop.

Those selling only one type of product will find it easier to learn the ins and outs of their merchandise and should take those extra steps to stay well informed about their industry and upcoming innovations.

Sellers who carry a wide variety of items should at least know the basics of the products they sell so that no potential buyer walks away from a sale because of a slow response or insufficient/incorrect information.

No matter how specialized or varied your inventory, all buyers appreciate a fast response to product inquiries. Adding product knowledge to your fast, friendly service is just good business.

I’m an online entrepreneur. How about you?