The Entrepreneur Highway: Know Your Products

Whether selling goods from a website or listing individual items for auction/ buy-it-now through a public e-market forum, it’s easy to make your business stand out with insightful, accurate knowledge about your products.

These days consumers have instant mobile access to the Internet. So when buyers have questions they are looking for a timely response and enough facts to make informed decisions about purchasing. A customer who gets a quick, friendly, adept reply is more inclined to make a purchase from you; also more likely to become a repeat buyer and tell others of your great service.

Offering a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page or providing plenty of relevant information directly on your listings is a great start. Basic information about your products, your terms as a seller, shipping options, or returns and refund instructions are as necessary as providing quality photos for viewers to consider.

Sometimes ‘just browsing’ becomes a sale due to something as simple as the buyer knowing the product is easy to operate or what country offers repair services with an email address/website link available for hassle-free accessibility.

Would you or your employees be able to give customers a speedy answer to most of the following questions?

  • Where do your products come from; made in country, imported?
  • Are they time sensitive, such as food products, tickets, coupons?
  • How are they made; manufactured, handcrafted, custom?
  • What materials are used to make your products?
  • Are the products made to accept accessories or upgrades?
  • Do you carry any of these accessories or can you provide links to quality suppliers that will give buyers a starting point to locating accessory items?
  • How do your products function? Can any adjustments be made by the buyer?
  • Are your products vulnerable in any way to an environment, handling, or hazards?
  • Are you familiar with all the routine functions of your products?
  • What are the specific care instructions for your products?
  • If repairs are required do you have the manufacturer’s warranty/repair conditions, email address, and perhaps a contact name?


Many of these questions may already be included in your FAQ or with the product listing. If not, more details can be provided to your customer by email when asked.

Sometimes a quick phone call can save time and frustration for a buyer who just needs a little help with a first time setup or upgrade problem. Walking a buyer through those unfamiliar first steps costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time. You can bet that customer won’t forget your assistance and is more likely to seek out your business for that next similar purchase; not to mention telling friends and family of a great place to shop.

Those selling only one type of product will find it easier to learn the ins and outs of their merchandise and should take those extra steps to stay well informed about their industry and upcoming innovations.

Sellers who carry a wide variety of items should at least know the basics of the products they sell so that no potential buyer walks away from a sale because of a slow response or insufficient/incorrect information.

No matter how specialized or varied your inventory, all buyers appreciate a fast response to product inquiries. Adding product knowledge to your fast, friendly service is just good business.

I’m an online entrepreneur. How about you?


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