About TopCat2x2

What’s a TopCat2x2?

That’s my alter ego, the cool cat in black silhouette. The name came about several years ago when I registered on eBay. It’s from a cartoon I loved to watch as a kid, Top Cat. The 2×2 was added as a way of acknowledging my husband’s offer of help. Unfortunately, the help never materialized. But that’s okay. He’s in charge of moral support and does a darn good job at it.

I find it funny that my daydreams always consisted of getting paid to read books, becoming an epic fiction writer, or reluctantly achieving fame for transforming my yard into a floral paradise. Online entrepreneur wasn’t even a glimmer on the horizon. Yet one little offhand suggestion managed to shift the space around me and opened my eyes to a new perspective.

Still I hesitated. Me a sales person? With a background in organized resourcefulness and a fondness for privacy, putting on a seller’s hat just didn’t seem like a good fit. But a dare is a challenge and I love a good challenge. So I stepped outside my comfort zone and never looked back.

I started out on eBay over two years ago selling things we didn’t use around the house any more. Suddenly I was preparing items to sell, taking photographs, creating listings, setting up procedures and tracking reports, and organizing my time and energy between merchant and family. The work captivated me so much that when all the household stuff was sold a year later I formed my own business and went looking for suitable products to sell.

I have a fascination for mechanical watches and clocks as well as a passion for the warmth and elegance of real wood decor. Imagine my delight when I found a wholesale supplier of quality handcrafted wooden wristwatches that turned out to be stunning. While I currently only sell and ship to Canada and the United States, one of my ongoing goals is to keep these beautiful timepieces affordable for all to enjoy.

But what about the person behind the TopCat2x2 name? Aside from keeping my buyers and family happy, looks like I’ve found a new forum to expend some of that energy on. Turns out blogging fills one of those forgotten gaps in my creative persona.

While this blog was originally created to introduce my business and the wooden watches, future posts will also include some commentaries on other posts of interest, earth matters, cultural influences, the occasional personality spotlight, and anything else that touches my mind and heart deeply enough to form an opinion worth sharing.

Until the next time, thanks for stopping by.


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