TENSE Wooden Watches: Removing or Adding Links

TENSE Wooden Watches use a shaped link and screw-pin to create the different style watchbands. The photo below shows a sample of link styles. From left to right:


Curved T-shaped link, Retro square link, President-style link, H-shaped link, T-shaped link

Depending on the style of wristwatch, bands can have two or more links per strap side that can be removed to reduce the watchband size. Screw-pins are used to join links together and require a 1.4mm flat precision screwdriver to remove the screw-pin.


To reduce the size of your wooden watchband find the screw-pin on the side of the link, remove, and then separate the links. Join the link tail or anchor into the attaching band link, slide the screw pin back into position and tighten.

Screw the loose pin back into the removed link and store away from direct sunlight.

For adding a new link, remove the screw-pin from a link on one side of the strap. If adding two links, put a link on either side of the strap to keep the watchband length even. Join the links together, insert the screw-pins and tighten.










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