TENSE Wooden Watches: Types of Wood Used

The types of wood used in the TENSE Timepiece Collection are selected from the world′s best natural sustainable materials. Below are samples of the most popular.   




Considered one of the most beautiful in the world, Sandalwood is named for several fragrant tropical woods that are often used for joss sticks in Buddhist
religious ceremonies and funeral rites and also made into ornamental products. Perfume is made extensively from the oil distilled from the heartwood, as well as having a place in medicine.




Used chiefly as a source of dye, Dark Sandalwood is obtained from a leguminous, or tree that has pods as fruits.   



Sandalwood also has a natural beautiful two-tone color called Inlaidwood/Wildwood. This attractive blending of light and dark is a popular feature no matter the watch style.   



Another durable wood, obtained from the heartwood of old trees, is Rosewood, a hard reddish or dark wood with a striking natural grain.   



Used alone or as an accent, Maplewood is a hardwood with fine grain and even texture. It′s consistent honey golden yellow color has a light pattern and can be worked to a high degree of







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